Enhance Your Display With Fish and Reptile Replicas

Buy custom reptile replicas in Bar Nunn and Casper, WY

If you want a wildlife display for your home or store, you'll want to add interesting and realistic animals. Duff's Replicas creates reptile replicas in Bar Nunn, Wyoming. From snakes to turtles to lizards, if you provide a photo of it, we can create a replica of it. We can even add multiple animals to the same mount and place your critters in a realistic background scene. Your snake can slither through a complete prairie or your turtle can stand above a herd of antelope.

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Even you'll forget our replicas are fake

So, how do we create shockingly realistic reptile replicas? First, we create a white blank that matches the size and shape of the animal. Then, the blank is airbrushed using iridescent colors and hand detailing to match the reference photo perfectly. Each individual scale is painted multiple times to create a lifelike effect.

Can we create your ideal wildlife display? Speak with a reptile replica pro from our team today to find out.