Measuring & Mounting Tips

Tips for Measuring and Mounting Your Fish for a Replica

  1. Measure the fish from the tip of the tail to the nose (avoid measuring from the fork in the middle of the tail). Proper measurement ensures we are able to recreate a replica as close as possible to the actual fish.
  2. The girth measurement should be taken at the widest part of the fish. A good tip for this is to carry around a seamstress tape measurer with you on the water.
  3. Be sure to take some high-quality photos at various angles of your fish. Make sure the photos are clear and capture details of the fish. Generally, the more the better, which will ensure the replica of your fish is accurate. Good photos are a must-have to get a great looking fish!
  4. Using a high-quality fiberglass to create your fish replica mount will help it last for generations to come. The reason fiberglass is ideal is because it does not deteriorate the same way traditional skin mounts do. Fiberglass is much more resistant to day-to-day activities where the mount might be moved, touched, or banged around. Also att Duffs Replicas, we use only high quality planks.